Poetic Prose

When You Sleep By: Deedra Mosley (Copyright 2017) The silky sky flowering above, Soft caress of your shining brass soul, Hush, silent longing; I'm your desire, The burning fire in your flesh, A dream floating through you, The silk touching your mind palace; Sights, sounds, and a beautiful aroma, Falling into your world, Drifting over... Continue Reading →

I write, You write, We write… the writing game

I hope you are inspired to write today! For those of you who are short and sweet writers like myself. Remember just because some one says your a novice and you need to write more doesn't really mean a thing! For a real writer there is no such thing as too short or too long! It doesn't matter if you write I love you to your child or if you write an amazing technical piece... all that really matters is that you write!

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