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Dynamics of Social Information 3 levels of knowledge  Using my opinion post on Facebook about the refugee picture that is being abused by argumentive supporters of illegals for research purposes and examples. (Both are current hot topics) 1st hand knowledge (refugees) -living the experience.  2cond hand knowledge (reporters) -creating informative stories based on their opinions... Continue Reading →

Indie Pub Guide Sneak Peep

Write For Me Indie Pub Handbook I have been working hard on creating my group's handbook for writers. I wanted to get some of these resources out to the writing community and thought I would post a few of the links you will find inside my book once it is finished and published. Resources for Writers

#Cockygate & Captin Save

I once said that being a professional means different things to different people. While that is true there are some basic skills and social behaviors you really do need to be taken seriously. You can not come into an industry and basically triple flip off your peers. They are in the same business as you and if you want respect you have to give respect. 

Writing Session One Preview 4/16/18

Author Deedra Mosley Copyright 2018 All rights reserved For educational use only. Writing Session One  Writing goals are developed by finding your writer's voice. Finding your writing voice comes by examining your moral compass. In this session, we will focus on developing these three key areas. Definition of Moral Compass: Your developed sense of right... Continue Reading →

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