December 2018 Spotlight Author Anne Belle

Author Anne Belle writes Paranormal Suspense for ages 18+

Anne Belle is the author of The Secret of the Storm, The Fallen, creator of the Armageddon Rising series. She is also a blogger, podcaster, and artist.

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When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them Author Anne Belle had this to say:

Anne Belle here! Author of The Secret of the Storm, The Fallen, creator of the Armageddon Rising series, blogger, podcaster, and artist.


When Deedra asked me to write a guest post about my struggles as an author I thought to myself that I could write a book on the subject. We all experience an array of obstacles that relate to procrastination, motivation, and the process of publishing. There are any multitude of decisions we have to face in a modern age dealing with traditional and indie publishing, marketing, and even social media. Every writer’s experience is as unique as their manuscript, and I’m here to tell you that it sometimes takes years to find ways to overcome some of those pitfalls. But, there is hope, and there is always a solution to every problem if you’re willing to look for it.


For me, the biggest struggle has been the feeling of isolation that comes with doing what I do. The truth is that I place myself in that situation though. Even though it is a struggle, it is all I know. I didn’t start life as an introvert. In fact, I was very much a “look at me!” sort of performer of a child. I spent much of my youth on a stage. As I became an adult and adjusting to my waning notoriety, I found myself more engrossed in writing stories than I did in theater productions. It wasn’t an expected shift in life, but it was what happened.


Now, I remain firmly planted in my head more often than I go out into the world. The truth is that, even with all the nifty characters floating about in the noggin, it gets rather lonely and isolating. In my case, I even find that I am isolated at my day job. I see few people and work long hours. There are days, even weeks, when I see only my family and pups. That’s all well and good for a while but too long, and it leads to complications in my motivation. I wind up battling severe depressive episodes and just a general unease about my state of affairs.


So how do I combat this?


That isn’t always an easy thing to do. With my day job hours and so little control over my schedule it generally means I have to plan to take a break from the writing in order to socialize. That sometimes means getting out of the house when I usually write. I visit local friends for coffee or an afternoon of conversation and catching up. Sometimes it means taking time to Skype with my best friend for hours. And sometimes it means a road trip is in order. 


The key to overcoming this struggle for me is to change things from the usual routine. In some cases, it has nothing to do with social interaction but simply being around more people. That could entail getting out of my office space to sit with my laptop in the dining room. It could also mean that I am overdue for a writer’s café day. Packing up the laptop and my notes and heading to Starbucks in a neighboring town (since my small town doesn’t have one) can work wonders for me.


The question for anyone who struggles with feeling isolated is this: What can I do to change my perspective?


Getting out of the house and changing up the scene isn’t always doable. Meeting up in person with friends is awesome but, schedules don’t always mesh. I’ve been there too. That’s when you may want to try something a little different and find a writer event to attend to meet new people with a similar interest. If that isn’t available, then try online. There are a number of groups out there with support for writers. I’m sure that Deedra or I can make a small list of recommendations if you like.


Whatever you do, don’t wallow in that pit of self-pity. Take action to change the situation, and you change how you feel about things in the process. A shift in perspective will help motivate you to get back to work. And, if you’re anything like me, the introvert will be begging for routine again, and you’ll be more productive than ever.


Have questions about this topic or others that I write about on my own blog? You can find all the contact details on my website at or feel free to drop me an email at


Happy writing everyone! May your ideas be plentiful, and the words come easily!


Anne Belle


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