November 2018 Spotlight Author Sarah Tyley

The author writes Young adult self-help romantic comedy political speculative women’s fiction.  If only that were a genre that existed! On Amazon, it’s currently in ‘mash-ups’ and ‘science fiction – post-apocalyptic’. Target age range: 18-50

A little bit about Sarah Tyley, author of Spaghetti Head.

The first eighteen years of my life were spent very happily on a dairy farm in Somerset.  Then the wider world beckoned, and my life formed itself into ‘phases’, beginning with a seven-year travelling phase: I worked grape picking in France: in bars in Hong Kong: as a secretary at the Disney Studios in LA, and as a tree planter in Canada – always taking time in-between to travel and laze on beaches in exotic locations.

Then I moved into a six-year ‘mature student’ phase, where I returned to the UK and studied an HND in Agricultural Engineering for the Tropics. I spent my nine-month placement in Zambia trying to build a Chinese-style wheelbarrow out of twigs from the bush and discarded bicycle wheel frames.  I gave up after a month and moved onto stripping down a combine!  After that, I studied to MSc level in Sustainable Agriculture and then moved into a nine-year ‘overseas working phase’ – in agricultural economics and community development.  For five of those years I was based in West Africa, predominantly Mali, which was an extraordinary country. 

Currently, I am in a ‘renovating houses, working as a gardener and writing’ phase, based in South West France.

Throughout all of my life’s phases I have written: poetry in my early traveling years: short stories later on, and I’ve just completed my debut novel, Spaghetti Head. 

I think working with women peanut farmers in Mali for three years and experiencing first-hand their resilience and resourcefulness is partly what inspired me to imagine that maybe, one day, women will govern the planet.  And having grown up on a dairy farm in Somerset, how could I not include a Friesian cow in my story?

For more information about her books:

Facebook: SarahTyleyAuthor

Twitter: sarah_tyley

When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them Author  had this to say:

I guess I would say that I have two main struggles: one is the promotion of Spaghetti Head via social media channels.  Bearing in mind that before I self-published my novel six months ago, I had no FB page, no twitter account, no LinkedIn account and no website. Now I have all four and keeping them up-to-date; posting interesting content often enough to keep, attract and build followers; taking photos; posting photos; interacting in FB groups and writing blogs for my website is a whole new world which I find quite exhausting.  Plus, it encroaches into precious writing-novel-number-two-time, which leads to my second struggle: freeing up time.  I have a full-time gardening business and any spare time to write is sacred.

That said, however, I have made some amazing writer connections out there in virtuality.  So, I am hoping that as I become more experienced on social media, it will become easier, but I plan to scale-down FB, scale-down blogs on my website, not sure about LinkedIn, but continue with Twitter because that’s the one I enjoy the most.  Then I plan to manage my gardens better geographically so that I can free up at least a day and a half a week and get on with writing novel number 2. Wish me luck!

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