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Dark Dreams Of Witches

Ambur Natterer has been a pleasure to work with these past few months. Her book series is shaping up amazingly. I will warn you that it is adult content with some flavorful language. She is painting a picture of a real world much like the one we truly live in, but with a twist.

Dark Dreams, book one in her series, sets the stage for a riveting tale of darkness and light. Paranormal adventures inside of the dreams of others take shape as a demonic force sets out to destroy one family.

Do demons love? For one woman this question will forge the future of her family and fuel a demonic war. Inside this series, we will see lives shattered, hopes restored, and true love taking shape.

I have been blessed to see the inner growth of the author during her development of this series. She is coming into her own as a prolific writer of paranormal sagas. She has worked hard to overcome her challenges and grow her writing technique. I am honored to be a part of her journey.

If you are 18+ and looking for a dark adventure into the paranormal, then this book series is for you! The new changes will be coming soon to the first book. We are deep into the editing and development of it. For now, you can enjoy the first fruits by clicking the link below.

Keep watch for Ambur’s next book. Book two: Dream Walking, will be getting some love soon. Plans are for a three book series that takes you through the dark dreams of witches. It gets darker as you get closer to the light.

Presenting Ambur Natterer’s The Dark Dreams Of Witches Series

Book One

Click the picture to purchase your copy today!

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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