Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Ditching GoodReads

I have decided to no longer update my books on GoodReads. It has been a constant time suck over the years just by adding the books I have managed to get up there. On top of that, there is not an easy way to update covers.

I made a move to change some of the covers of my previous works to help give them a cleaner look. I found it easy enough to do that on Amazon and CreateSpace, but when I went to GoodReads, it insists I get a Librarian to help me. It is a cover change, not a significant problem. I feel like the setup of GoodReads just doesn’t lend itself to quick fixes. If you make one mistake, you suddenly need some extra steps and another person to fix them.

I have to admit another frustration with them is that the reviews do not post to Amazon unless the reviewer opts for them to do so. I love reviews, please understand that I am not saying otherwise. Unfortunate for us authors if those reviews do not get to Amazon then they do not help us there. Amazon is the primary selling platform, not GoodReads.

When people go to buy my books on Amazon and see zero reviews, it makes them less likely to buy. Just having reviews on GoodReads doesn’t help my author credibility very much. I am hoping by no longer having books updated on GoodReads the same reviewers will go to Amazon and leave the reviews there. More people see that blank review spot on Amazon then they see the glowing reviews on GoodReads.

I hope if you are reading this you think about leaving more reviews on the selling platforms of the books you are reading. It does make a more significant impact for us authors. We are grateful when we see reviews on our sells platforms because those reviews help shoppers make their choices about the books they buy.

Thank you to all my reviewers. I love seeing happy customer reviews regardless of where they are. I am sorry to have to drop the GoodReads struggle, but it will give me more time to focus on the actual writing of books too. The struggle is real for us writers. Time is often not our friend as we bang away on our keyboards trying to get our stories crafted. If it is becoming a distraction and time-wasting effort, then I am ditching it in favor of writing.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley


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