World Building – Info Arc

Dynamics of Social Information

3 levels of knowledge 

Using my opinion post on Facebook about the refugee picture that is being abused by argumentive supporters of illegals for research purposes and examples. (Both are current hot topics)

1st hand knowledge (refugees)

-living the experience. 

2cond hand knowledge (reporters)

-creating informative stories based on their opinions about the subject. 

3rd hand knowledge (Opinionated individuals like you & I) (Who can slant info to fit into their own personal agendas)

-Tainted by the 2cond hand accounts of events. 

-Also tainted by 3rd person use of information. 

-Makes up the majority of the information sharing processes. (Word of Mouth)


*All about what is seen not experienced.

*Starts with 1st person reality.

*Builds a platform for divisions via 2cond person narratives.

*Creates divisions, misunderstandings, and hostility via 3rd person use.

*Subject to limitations of those sharing and the reactions are based on knowledge of those reacting without the full extent of knowledge which the initial informative has.

WHAT this means for writers.

*Readers will not respond to your writing based on your knowledge but based on their preset opinionated limited viewpoints. Interpretation is based on 3rd person viewpoint which is removed from the reality of 1st person life experience. (NonFiction works subject to this the most.)

*When conveying social structure and societal conventions remember your characters (unless having experienced the event personally) will have a 3rd person limited reaction to the subject matter. Unless they are in fact the 2cond hand knowledge holder.

*The 2cond hand knowledge holder can deliver the information in ways that effectively sway the populace creating fractionated groups originating from the initial informative delivery.


* At the end of the dynamic informative sharing processes, you can find muddle information that has no bases in the factual life experiences of the 1st person knowledge holder.

*3rd person narratives will always be shared to sway the other to their way of thinking. (Usually) both parties have non-factual (opinion based) 2cond person limited information which they will use as the truth behind their stances.

**This is societal informative filtering. The basis of argumentative dynamics which shape the views of those farthest removed from the events being discussed. 


Main Character should be the one experiencing the event. A secondary character sees the event happen and forms an opinion based on the perceived facts which are then related to a group unaffiliated with the main character. The group then creates their own divisions based on their personal understanding of information. This filters down through general characters in the populace.

**This formula for information arcs can be used to build up realistic dialogues but also understanding how information is funneled through society can help you connect with your target audience by allowing you to anticipate their reaction to the delivery of certain information during your story information arc. 


**Where in the social informative arc do you want your READERS to be participating? 


Stories are not about the life experience of the main character. They are formed by the 2cond hand knowledge of a secondary character shared with a group of 3rd hand knowledge wielding characters. 


King knows he has to let the evil wizard crown him or the neighboring kingdom will attack. (1st person knowledge)

King is crowned by an evil wizard. (Information)

Court jester sees evil wizard crown king and tells the group of peasants that the evil wizard has upheld the king and crowned him. (2cond person knowledge sharing)

Peasants are divided with half thinking king is a victim of the evil wizard. The other half think the king is evil too. (Effect of shared info)

Peasants all go and tell the other peasants their information based on their views. Dived grows as information continues to be shared and further distorted with other topics being fused into it. (3rd person knowledge sharing)

The peasants fight each other and the neighboring king takes advantage of the unrest to attack.  (Outcome of information arc)

*This can play out several different ways.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful. Happy writings everyone!

Your favorite small town writer,

Deedra Mosley 

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