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I have been working hard on creating my group’s handbook for writers. I wanted to get some of these resources out to the writing community and thought I would post a few of the links you will find inside my book once it is finished and published.

Resources for Writers


Traditional Publishing must haves:

How to develop better writing resources.

What to expect from my book

I will cover resources for writers as well as explain the different publication options available today. Here is another peep inside my book.

Inside the Industry
Traditional publishing is what many people think of first when talking about the creation and marketing of books. Traditional publishing houses often require the author to have an agent. There are resources to help those who wish to traditional publish. I would recommend Writer’s Market and Guide To Literary Agents to start with. There are other books specific for Christian writers and children book authors as well. These books list the agents and publishing houses in them. They also go over how to write a query letter and submission guidelines.
Self-publishing option is when you pay for services to develop your manuscript into a book. There are many self-publishing companies that you can use to publish your works. You would pay them a fee and they would provide things like cover art, editing, and final book publishing. CreateSpace does have an option for these types of services. You can pay for cover art, editing, and formatting of your books with them. Lulu, AuthorHouse, Blurb, Book Baby, Kindle Direct Publishing, Xlibris, Outskirts, Kobo, Virtual Bookworm and the for mentioned CreateSpace are some of the top self-publishing companies.
Indie Publishing is where you as the author do it all. From cover art developing to the final compile and hitting the publish button you are the boss. Some people might find this option overwhelming with so many skills being needed to create a quality final product. Some indie authors do outsource parts of the process. You can pay for cover art, illustrations, and editors if you are not wanting to handle those tasks. Publication falls to you as the indie author. The biggest part of your job, besides writing the book, will be compiling it to upload to the publication platform you choose.

Keep watch for the finished book!

Your favorite small town writer,

Deedra Mosley

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