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Inside the writing game 

Y’all I am so done. The entire trademarking insanity needs to stop. I understand people want to build a brand, but please go get some business training first. I have never seen such horrible behavior out of would be professionals!

I once said that being a professional means different things to different people. While that is true there are some basic skills and social behaviors you really do need to be taken seriously. You can not come into an industry and basically triple flip off your peers. They are in the same business as you and if you want respect you have to give respect.

While I realize there are unreputable people out there at the same time that does not give us the right to treat others inside our industry like enemies. In the writing industry, it is not every author for themselves. We build up relationships and work together to create interest in reading our works.

Bad Apples 

I think a few of the authors out there have been operating based on how they think the industry is. They let a few bad apples either talk them into poor business decisions or askew their views of the industry to the point they are now behaving very unprofessional.

I read other authors books. If you do not have time to read then you do not have the skills required to write. If you do not read the works of other peers then you do not have what it takes to work well within the industry. We trade works for review, and we offer encouragement to each other. That is who we as an industry really are.

Think about it like being at school again. We all took the same classes, we did the same assignments, but at the end of the day, we reaped the fruit of our personal efforts. In our classes, we all played our parts. Yes, even the shy one in the back had a place in our group. The industry world is much the same.

There is a spot for every one of us. The stories we write are reflective of who we are and our personal views. The way we write is very personal too. At the end of the day, there is room on the bookshelf for all our books. Pushing out smaller authors because you can shows me you are not fit to work with. If we want to keep gaining readers we need to be able to work together to promote reading.

Readers are everyone

We also must realize that we as writers are readers too. I do not read only my books. That would be no fun! I read books from other authors and from many genres. I sometimes read books I do not even like. I just want to read. If I hear or see a post put up about how authors are not who a specific author is selling to I actually make a note to never support their sorry self. You do not want me to read your book? How rude! I spend a lot of time reading and leaving reviews on books.

Writers make the best customers

The best customers to have are other writers. We understand the harsh reality of writing books. We know you will not get paid much if we do not read every page in a KU book. We know prices and how little you make. We also understand why you write. We want to support you because we understand! Saying you do not want us as readers, is bad for your business.

Some of the classes on business I have taken made a point to teach us as students to promote our business to those in our industry. To create partnerships and work well with others who are already successful. Learn from those who came before you and learn to work well with those around you. There is a way to have healthy competition and build respect as a business authority. Having good people skills is a must as well as marketing your products to the masses. That includes your competition.  This is why I would encourage others to take some business classes. No matter what your business is you have to be able to become a team player. Working together inside your industry to keep the market alive and sustainable is good business management.

That my dear readers is my two cents worth.

Your favorite small town writer,

Deedra Mosley



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