June 2018 Spotlight Author Chrissie Peters

Author Chrissie Peters writes true-life stories with an insightful grace. Her books are best suited for ages 18+

 Chrissie Anderson Peters grew up in Tazewell, Virginia. She graduated from Tazewell High School and completed her BA in English/Education from Emory & Henry College. Chrissie received her Master’s in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee. She resides in Bristol, Tennessee, with her husband Russell and their feline children.

For more information about her books: Email her at TheWriteWayToGo@gmail.com or find her on social media at https://www.facebook.com/ChrissieAndersonPeters

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When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them, she smiles and says, “I’m shooting for 50 rejections a year. The way I see it, if I get 50 rejections, I’ve been writing a lot, and hopefully, at least 10 things will be published, win contests, and that kind of thing. Yeah, I want #50RejectionsAYear.”

Note from Deedra

My sweet friend has been through a lot this year. I just want to take a moment to pour some love on her. Chrissie has volunteered in the past helping with many outreach programs and selflessly giving her time and energy to making the lives of others better. I am proud to call her friend and it is an honor to promote her books here on my blog.

It is my opinion that we need more people like Chrissie in this world. She is a jet-setting, heart of gold, Duran Duran loving, beautiful dreamer. There is a great need for more people like her. Much love my sweet amazing friend. May your books sell well, and your heart be filled with peace and overflowing love.

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