Grace, Love, & Being Like Jesus

You talk about a hard-hitting sermon today. Who knew grace could be so repentance invoking?

We often can’t see how we fail to give grace to others. Grace is forgiveness of wrongs done to you without expectation of receiving anything in return. Christ died for our sins, mistakes and failures giving us a choice to accept grace and move forward growing into who we are called to be by grace, because of grace, and with grace.

When was the last time you showed grace to another person?

Ouch! We are bad to only love when we are getting what we want out of others. That’s not godly love! That’s not grace. Practice love without expectation and give grace without expectation too. This is hard because of our pride and our selfish natures. This is why we desperately need Christ! It isn’t about the other person’s heart. It is about our heart being right with God!

Take time to reflect on your own life journey today.

Think about the ways you can give grace to those around you. It isn’t something that comes naturally to us. I struggle with this daily. It is easy to fall into anger and disappointment. We get frustrated with those around us and lose sight of the grace we have been given.

There is room for us all at the foot of the cross. May you give yourself grace and give grace to those around you. 

Your Favorite Small Town Author,

Deedra Mosley 

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