Writer’s Life Cockygate 2018

I have been holding off posting about this issue. I do not want to give the author who caused this issue any more airtime than she already has gotten. This post is a general one about how I feel a writer should grow their brand. This is my views and opinions. I am an independent author and have been publishing my works for many years now. Take my advice or leave it.

Cockygate Lessons 

  1. Do not alienate yourself from your peers. The fellow writers you have contact with are also readers. They are your business contacts and potential customers.
  2. Do not insult your fans and customers. I want to point out again that peers are also your potential customers. Blaming your customers for your business choices is also not ideal.
  3. If you see a media backlash and your peers are crying out against something you have done, then you need to listen. If you have made a wrong move and caused public outrage against yourself and your business, you have one week to control that damage.  The longer you let it go, the harder to make restitution it will be.
  4. Do not play the victim. Take responsibility for your actions and make apologies as well as fix the issue quickly.
  5. When branding your books do your research and do your best to pick something that is fitting and not already commonly used. Do not use common use licensed items for trademark or copyright. Do not use a common word either. Groups of words and fonts made especially for your trademark are ideal.
  6. Bad publicity is not good for your business. It is a lie that any publicity is good for you. If you have bad publicity, it can kill your career. Think before you jump and cause trouble.
  7. It is easier to grow your brand when you have the respect of those in your industry. When you make connections in your industry, you can use those to help give your business credibility. You can not validate yourself in your industry. We have to validate each other because having someone else lend you their authority boosts yours and vice versa. Think of it this way, I can tell you I am a great writer, but if someone whom you already know that is a writer tells you I am a great writer you will be more likely to take their word. You can’t toot your horn and gain credibility. Take pride in your work, but you must also look for others in the industry who will give your work their stamp of approval.
  8. Be someone your peers want to be with. You have to learn to be humble and personable. You will not get far if you don’t learn to be respectful to those around you. Kindness goes a long way. Look for ways to support your peers that encourages them to also support you.

I am trying to not ramble on about this. I have spent today trying to be compliant with the new regulations on privacy and data sharing. I will admit to being exhausted. I do hope you found this short post helpful. In an attempt to help out one of the authors who was affected by the cockygate scandal I am going to add in what I think was the best-renamed book I saw come out of this mess. Good on you Jamila Jasper for getting the best-renamed book out of this hot mess nightmare! I must admit I have not read your book. I do not usually read this type of book or promote it, but this time I felt it was needed. Cockygate should never have happened. I am furious over the treatment of the authors who were targeted. I encourage readers of romance to go and look up those authors and buy their books. No person should ever be treated so horribly by a fellow peer. Trademark bullying is ugly and not something we should ever do!

P.S. I do get money from Amazon for posting affiliate links.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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