April 2018 Spotlight Author Amber DeAnna Natterer

Author Amber DeAnna Natterer writes Adult Fiction ages 17+

Ambur Natterer has been a writer for the last few years and is new to the Indie publishing scene.  She loves writing Supernatural genre with a twist of real life. Ambur has published Dark Dreams (March 30, 2018) which you can find on Book daily, Awesome Gang and Amazon. She has done some acting in a horror movie called Lake House and has some been a background actor in one of her favorite shows NCIS NOLA and hopes to go back. She thought that being a character would help understand how to write a character.   She was born In Virginia and now lives in Jacksonville Florida with her husband and her dogs.

 She credits her love of reading from a high school teacher Ms. Jones who opened another world to her even with her dyslexia. MS. Jones made her feel that nothing could stop her. Ambur has joined a wonderful writing support group on Facebook Creative Central with Debbie Burns that has helped her kick the mind gremlins out of her life. You can often find Ambur at the end of a hard day typing or research for her next upcoming books.

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Dark Dreams

When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them Author Amber DeAnna Natterer had this to say:

The most challenging part of my writing would be spelling. I’m dyslexic and it’s worse if I have writers block. To kick my writer’s block, I free write. It’s usually something silly. Most of them have a Sci-Fi ring to it. Dyslexia is an everyday thing for me. One thing I have learned with dyslexia is Never Give Up. You will have your good days and bad. I do use Grammarly to help with my writing. It’s fantastic.



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