Writer’s Life 3/14/18

Sick days & Writers

So I hit my target rewrite goal for this week. I still have a second pass to go and to write two more chapters of 7k words each but I managed the first pass.

Today I am sick and taking it easy. Seems I have been struck by an ear issue, fever, and vomiting. What to do while I convalesce?

Old Photos

A friend found a picture of me from freshman year of high school. I had a good laugh as she pointed out it looks like the man on the front of the book is checking me out! Good times.

So today I take it easy and eat Ramon Noodles while laughing at old photos. Will I sneak in a bit of work? Yes, I probably will. I love writing and can’t seem to quit even while I am ill.

I hope you have a wonderful second part of the week.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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