Monetizing Me

Writer’s Life 3/14/18

Yes I did sign up as an affiliate.

I took the leap towards getting paid for promoting items using affiliate links. I also have some paid services I now will be making money from. 

For the sake of being transparent.

I make money when you buy my books.

I make money when you shop my links.

I make money from those who pay for my services. 

Why do I want to make money so badly?

Those things called bills. Everyone has them and I am no different. 

I have tried this before in the past but had no luck. I admit I didn’t try very hard before. My new goals require me to find ways to make money from multiple sources. So here I go again! 

Do you use affiliate links? What paid services do you provide? Leave me a comment below with your answers. 

Your Monetizing Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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