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Authors who long to be in the spotlight this is for you!

This blog is looking for writers to spotlight. Each year twelve writers are spotlighted one per month. The spotlight posts are shared four times in the month they run in.

What is required?

Each spot costs $30 paid upfront via PayPal. One spot only for each author.

  1. Author Photo
  2. Author Bio
  3. Genre and targeted age range of readers.
  4. Links to website or other social media of your choice.
  5. The answer to the question for the year.

Can any writer be spotlighted?                                    

I am pleased to say yes! Do to how this post is set up all writers are welcome to be spotlighted. This post attempts to give an insider look into the life and struggles of writers.

2018 Question is: What is one thing you struggle with as a writer and how have you overcome it?

-One Spot remains for this year. 

2019 Question is: How has writing changed your life?

-All 12 spots are currently open for this year.

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