Indie-Pub Fix-It List

Post two on fixing your self-pub books. 3/8/18

Here is my list of what you must address.

1. Inner content. If you have a mistake-riddled manuscript then your book isn’t up to par. Take time to edit and develop your manuscript before you re-release it.

2. Back cover blurb that is long and boring. 100 words and they need to sell your story.

3. Cover that doesn’t best represent your book. This includes your title. If the title isn’t right then the cover isn’t right.

4. The wrong genre listed and wrong age range selected.

5. Wrong descriptive tags used.

Those are my top five issues. I will be going over them in my next posts. For my book redo, I will start with Confessions. It is about growing up in Eastern Kentucky. My school days to be specific. I am considering developing it beyond that.

Feel free to leave your questions about your own writing struggles in the comment section.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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