Indie Pub 3/6/18

How to Fix Your Book

I have run into problems getting my books updated. Seems it will take a lot of pushing to get the updates to go through to everyone who had my books previously. Amazon is not about making fixes easy.

What to do?

I have decided to change the cover and inside content. I will even change the name of my book. Confessions is going to get some major changes this year and be a rerelease this fall.

I do not plan to take my old book down. I have sold some ebooks of it and I think it best to just leave it up for now.

What is to come?

I plan to do some posts here walking you through the process of saving face. First fruits are never as sweet as the last fruit of the season. So if you have a self-pub book needing fixed stay tuned as I walk you through how to make those needed changes.

How to Start?

First, take a hard look at your book. Make a list of changes needed to bring it up to the market standard.

You get your list and next post I will share mine. We can compare notes.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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