Writer’s Life 3/2/18

Writer Down!

I’ve succumbed to a migraine. I hate to admit defeat so I took my meds and grabbed my phone. I am working today on visual poetry posts. I managed to get one done.

Sometimes you just have to let your main work go. Today I had planned to fix issues with my current manuscript. The sci-fi story will have to wait. I hope to rally and get to do some work, but I might have to stay doing poetry.

Admitting Defeat

Days like today happen to the best of us. When you can’t get up you need to give yourself grace. If you are like me and love writing then you need something to do. Enter fluff writing. The stuff you do for fun. Like this blog post.

I love making visual poetry using my quote maker. So I have spent time doing that today too. I think small projects are good ways to make a bad day good again.

Your Medicated Writer,

Deedra Mosley

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