March 2018 Spotlight Author Jess Reece

Author Jess Reece writes fiction for ages 13+

Jess Reece wrote her first story, about a dog taking a ride on an alien spaceship to the moon, at four years old. Even from a very young age, Jess felt a deep need to explain the world around her by exploring what she could see, hear, think, and feel through the written word. Her goal is to draw readers into worlds that are as real to them as they are to her, and have them fall in love with the characters they get to know. She also uses her writing to mentor adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma–healing that pain, in some cases decades old, through creative writing and storytelling.

Jess has self-published eight titles: one full-length novel, one short novel/novella, and six short stories/novelettes. There is little to no profanity and no overtly sexual tones in any of her stories with the content being primarily aimed at readers thirteen years of age and older. She also has a manuscript being developed for readers between the ages of eight and thirteen.

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 When asked about her struggles with writing and how she plans to overcome them Author Jess Reece has this to say:

What I find the most challenging as an author is managing my time. I utilize a combination of “pantsing” or writing without an outline, and “prepping” or writing with an outline. At any given moment I have at least four or five writing projects in progress, so finding, committing to, and protecting dedicated writing time every day is a big obstacle.

There are several ways I try to overcome this challenge. I have a full-time job, as well as a husband and young daughter, and as I am a natural night owl, I wait until they go to bed to write. Throughout the day (during the morning, at lunch, or waiting for my daughter’s school bus) I write using “word sprints” lasting 20 minutes at a time to get some writing done. I take my notebook, laptop, or tablet everywhere I go—if an opportunity presents itself, I will work in time to write whenever I can.


This may not apply to every writer, of course, and I have spoken with some that make a “dedicated writing time” in which no one can interrupt them. I have yet to perfect this magic hour where I am not being pulled in multiple directions. I am fortunate in that my family is extraordinarily supportive of my writing dream, and when I tell them that I need some time to get a chapter finished, or make progress with editing, they are generally respectful of that time.

In the future, my husband is helping me to plan a studio/private creative space where I will be able to dedicate both my writing as well as my other creative interests. Until then, I will continue to carve out every minute of time that I can to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a successful author. 


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