Writing Tips 2/3/18

Making the most of your writing

I have been playing with ideas of how to market my books. I admit some of the ideas I have come up with deal only with my poetry. You could get creative and use quotes from your novels too. Here are some of the ideas I have added to my list to try.

  1. Create tweet length pieces using parts of your poems that really stand out to your beta readers. Or use quotes from your novel-length
  2. Create Instagram visual posts using portions of your poetry or novel quotes.
  3. Some products your above pieces would look good on are: Pens, pencils, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and candles. Create wall art with quotes too.
  4. Schedule your posts to repost throughout the year. Target holidays that match with your content.

I will be looking at some of my past works keeping the above in mind. It pays to get creative with your marketing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time doing some of these ideas either. When you invest in promotion, remember that sometimes the cost is only a bit of your time. Posts for social media do not cost you a dime.

Getting visual on social media

Some ideas on how to make your posts pop are simple. You can use your author bio picture, book covers, photos of your desktop, and any doodles you might have floating around in your sketch pads (for those who draw) to make a visual to go with your social media posts. Even short pieces of your writings cropped into a square picture can create an excellent visual to help get your posts noticed. I have been recycling some of my favorite pictures this past month. I plan to add some new ones soon. Don’t be afraid to make it personal too. Pet photos and family pictures are another way to show your readers something interesting about your life.
Here are some safety tips for your visuals to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure no personal information is visible in your pictures. Passwords, birthdates, school info, or other information that could put you or your loved ones at risk.
  2. Location, you might want to keep the area of your home or other places of business like the post office, vet, or hair salon to yourself. Especially don’t make a habit of saying when you go there. If you have a routine, keep it to yourself.

That is just a few things to keep in mind while you are creating your social media marketing posts. Be safe, savvy, and have fun marketing your work.
Your Favorite Small Town Writer,
Deedra Mosley

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