It’s a writing extravaganza!

2018 is the year of the Writer! 

I have dedicated myself to making sure my goals are reached this year! I have started my once a day Facebook check and have been forcing myself to finish what I had left over from 2017.

       Sometimes you just have to make yourself do the hard work needed to push forward. That is where I have found myself starting this year. I must finish what was left to do than tackle my new project list. There is no room for wasting time doing nothing but scrolling through posts on social media.

So what does my year goal list look like?

Here are my goals for 2018! If you want to share your own list drop a link to it in the comments section below. I would be glad to give you some encouragement.

  • Stop wasting time on social media. Make every minute on my personal and public accounts worth it.
  • Finish up the last projects I started in 2017 and submit them to traditional publication houses or self-publish
  • Develop plot and character worksheets for new materials. Really put effort into writing well developed manuscripts.
  • Start entering more contests with poems, artwork, and short stories.
  • Reflect back on the previously published works and see how I can clean them up and make them more marketable.
  • Take educational courses relevant to my work.

           Those are just a few of my current goals. Here is to making 2018 the year of the writer! I know I have tried before to really become dedicated to my writing business, but this year I feel like I will achieve my goals.

          Writing is a hard business to break into. It takes hard work and dedication as well as an openness to learning new things. I’ve started 2018 off with some good progress. Now to keep this momentum going and see the fruit of my efforts.

          The journey is an interesting one, and I am glad you are joining me as I undertake it! You will be seeing some different types of posts coming this year. I will be spotlighting authors and doing more posts on my writing journey. I do hope you enjoy the new continent.

Thank you for joining my journey!

Deedra Mosley

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