Eclipse & Life Goes On 

I did not find the eclipse exciting here in my part of Kentucky. We did not experience the full eclipse. To me what we had was like a storm cloud rolling through. I did not even go outside for it. My teenage daughters and a few of our family members did go out and observe it. I stayed in and watched the YouTube live feed.

Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely fantastic, and we were blessed to be living in a time to experience it happening. I am just not one to get overly excited by the hype that goes with stuff like that.

Today I am trying to balance out my writing career and my art career. I am starting out with some writing work then on to watercolor painting. I am excited about the opportunity to have my work displayed for sale at the local art center. After so many years of having my artwork tucked away only for sale or give it away to just close friends and family members, this will be a fantastic fun experience.

Let the balancing act begin. I will be glad to take breaks from my writing each day to practice painting. I find it relaxing and a great way to let your mind roam. I really do love literature and art.

Your favorite small town author and artist,

Deedra Mosley
Here is a concept piece I will be adding watercolor to later. 

Morgana Concept Sketch
Morgana Pencil Sketch


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