The Short of Short Stories

I spent most of today trying to get paperwork done so I can focus on my writing. Last night I spent time reading up on the art of crafting short stories which intrigue me. After today’s crazy running around and paperwork insanity, I can now see why a quick fun story would be something most readers would enjoy.

If you spend any amount of time waiting to be seen a five-minute read can sound good. You know you will be held hostage for at least five minutes if not 15. You cannot enjoy a massive long read in that amount of time, but something short is perfect to help you be patient.

Standing to wait at a window today for a good 10 minutes I did some brainstorming. Characters greeted me while I stood there. A man who was covered in coal dust and sporting tired eyes. A lady who could not speak well, dressed in her comfy clothes holding handwritten notes for someone else. Delightful people who had such kind natures just below the window banging they did in impatience.

When there is nothing but a wait, you can get up to all kinds of imaginary troubles. As a writer I find myself writing stories inside my mind to help keep myself from being impatient. The problem is having the story inside of my mind isn’t enough to make it pay my bills! Now to write it down. If you think I’ve forgotten most the story you are right.

I had great ideas float out of my head today! To the point, I’m here writing a short story about my short story. Is it even a story? At this point I doubt it.

Your Favorite Small Town Writer, 

Deedra Mosley

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