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July 29th, 2017

I had someone a while back call me a self-proclaimed author and artist. My response was to brush off the obvious troll and point out that on a daily basis I get hated on by all types of people. Even people who don’t read. Why didn’t I bother setting the record straight about my status? It didn’t matter what that person thought about who I really am. That’s why! 

I know I’ve sold artwork and books internationally and I don’t need anyone else to validate my work other than my customers. I understand my work, and it is worth, and so do they.

Now let’s talk about the three types of criticism you will find tossed at you and the critics they belong to.

  • Bullying critics – those who are insecure and want to build themselves up destroying others.
  • Troll critics – those who are looking to smash and destroy confidant people for fun.
  • Constructive criticism critics – those who give you real feedback to help you grow and genuinely care about you as a person and artist.

The first two you just ignore. Don’t provoke those bullies! Understand that they are only interested in killing the dreams, belittling, and arguing with others. Write them off as useless attention-grabbing pukes and move on.

Now the third one you need to cherish! Critics who give you real honest feedback which can be used to grow yourself and your craft are priceless! Take what they say and see how you can improve yourself. Their criticism isn’t to hurt you, but to help you better understand what needs working on.

The first two make personal attacks with no value in them. They are purely trying to smash and destroy someone who makes them feel inferior. The third one is not focused on destruction, but centered on the construction of character and craft! 

Remember, while there are three types of critics in this world, only one of them really matters!

Your favorite small town author and artist,

Deedra Mosley


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