I will survive…

As long as I know how to love…

   We all should recognize those words, and I bet some of you sang them in your head just now! I picked those words because they have such deep meaning and they are true!

Tonight I finished helping with the last night of Vacation Bible School. I limped home physically done in. My physical disability really slaps me down sometimes. Ever since last night I’ve been feeling really rough. Tonight I’m facing more medication and a swollen ankle. I feel relieved to have made it through another Vacation Bible School!

I’m not joking about making I survived VBS 2017 shirts either! Oh, yes, I’m going to make three of them. One for myself and one each for my daughters, because sometimes you need a victory shirt to celebrate with. I’m sincerely proud of my church for pulling off our VBS this year, and I’m so grateful for the locals who came and helped us make it a really fantastic experience for the kids! We survived!

For the love of the children and the glory of God we pulled together and pushed through till the end. It was hard work and took dedication to make it come together. It also gave our members a chance to work with some fantastic local people. Without their help and willingness to bring their children out to participate, it wouldn’t have been near as good as it was!

The best part of VBS is the fellowship and getting to pour out our love for the local children! I admit many of those children are my family members. I love them dearly, and it makes me thrilled to be able to spoil them just a bit! One of them said to me that she knew who I was… I belonged to her! Yes, I definitely do!

So to everyone who survived VBS 2017 worldwide… Congratulations and let’s do it again next year!

Your favorite small town author,

Deedra Mosley

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    1. My two have started helping with VBS as team leaders this year. They use to be shy but have finally come out of it. I hope your daughter overcomes her shy nature! It can be hard to put yourself out there. Glad she did well!


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