Poetic Prose

When You Sleep
By: Deedra Mosley (Copyright 2017)

The silky sky flowering above,
Soft caress of your shining brass soul,
Hush, silent longing;
I’m your desire,
The burning fire in your flesh,
A dream floating through you,
The silk touching your mind palace;
Sights, sounds, and a beautiful aroma,
Falling into your world,
Drifting over you,
A ship on your sea;
When you sleep I’m there,
Beside you an empty memory,
Inside you a living flame;
Burning through your ebony walls,
Drifting into your world;
What is desire but a dream waking can’t destroy;
What are we but dreams untold;
When we sleep,
There are no walls between us,
The falling stars write our names;
Passion unfolds like a blanket,
Upon the lush sea green memory;
Don’t fade away,
I’m real when you sleep.

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