Dear Microsoft Windows 10

Update so polite. 

Listen I get it.  You need to update your program and that required a restart. 

In a world of windows that I can change and personalize so much, I just wonder why those silly updating messages can’t be changed.  I mean you let me change colors,  fonts,  backgrounds and even gave me a personal assistant I don’t even like.  So why not let me change the messages?  



We are updating your system. This might take a while. Don’t turn off your computer. 

(Listen you pudgy donut eating freak of a writer we got your system by the Intell processor and you best not turn the power off!)

Please wait as we install new software. 

(I told you to hang on you freak the software ain’t done! ) (I can only load so fast!)

Your computer will now restart several times. 

(You ain’t my Daddy, Bill Gates,  and I don’t have to stop flickering the screen!) 

If you have enjoyed this little bit of fun then my job here is finished.  Now let’s see what is new with windows 10. 

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