The way we cry

We forget that as humans we are fragile. Sometimes we play on each other’s emotions and are just cruel to each other.
Making friends is easy but keeping them is harder.
Sometimes our friends hurt us the most. What do you do when that happens?
I was asked how I can forgive and forget so easily. The truth is I can’t! It takes God helping me to let go of the hurt. Over the years I have faced tons of rejection and have been treated poorly by people I thought were friends. I think we all have had those moments.
If we are honest with ourselves we can say we all have been on both sides of that street! I known there have been times I have been a horrible friend. Some people have walked out of my life to not return.
True friendship
You know it is true friendship when you can hurt each other, reject each other, and just be insane together then make up. When you have faced each other and made up you become closer. You carry that secret argument to you’re grave! Every set of best friends have at least one dark moment they share together. It is in the way they light it up and forgive that darkness that forges their true friendship.
The crying game
You never tell them you cried. Maybe they know you had already cried or even seen you but it is not something you speak of. You don’t bring it up. Maybe you feel guilty for it, but still, you don’t say anything. You move forward.
Writer state of mind
As a writer, I’m already crazy! How do you think I write my stories? What you don’t see is all the bottled up emotions. When you are passionate you can’t help being high strung!
To be able to forge a friendship means you must be forgiving. You can’t hold each other’s personality flaws against each other. Writers and artists sometimes need extra grace. We don’t people well!
At the end of the day to have a friend is to first be one. Show yourself willing to forgive flaws of character and give grace when you see weakness.
Praying you find those souls who you can have that kind of connect with.
~ Deedra Mosley

2 thoughts on “The way we cry

  1. As always I love this post. I always feel better about myself after reading what you write because I know I am not alone in my thoughts and weirdness. I love when you say, “We don’t do people well”. I know I don’t and I can’t say why. I guess I just prefer my solitude and keeping my thoughts inside for fear of exposing who I really I am. Who am I really? I’m still searching.

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    1. I am glad my writing touches you. I think we are all weird in our own ways. I know how hard it is to be myself, but I wish sometimes I could see the inner struggle of others. Then I wouldn’t feel so awkward! I still am clueless as to who I am too. I wonder if the whole world is filled with people who are still searching, but some of them can fake being sure of themselves which makes the ones like myself who can’t fake it feel extra awkward. If I ever truly find myself I’ll let you know. If you find yourself please tell me how you did it! Till then let’s keep on shuffling forward with life. Hugs.


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