Facing Your Jabberwocky 

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2 thoughts on “Facing Your Jabberwocky 

  1. Hi Deedra. I love this post today. I have been a victim of abuse; mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. It is so hard to fight the demonic words of “you can’t”, “you won’t”, or “why bother”. A life lived through depression is sometimes, I think, a life not worth living at times. But you say we must slay our Jabberwocky. That is so true. But where does one start?

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    1. That’s a hard questions to answer. To be honest I feel like it is a personal thing. Where I started was with writing. I had a faith in God too but hadn’t really put a voice to my pain. I heard the doubt in my mind and the harsh words playing like a broken record. For me I started my fight by praying for God to help me see the why. Why was I saying cruel things to myself? I started writing down in a journal how I felt, prayers I prayed and anything I found uplifting. I wrote when I couldn’t do anything else. I wrote while I cried. Sometimes it was just random words. I know it sounds crazy but if you can’t express what’s happening inside you then you can’t get help. You can’t tell someone. What’s wrong. You can’t even pray about it when you don’t know what it is. Maybe for others they start with something else, but I took the faith I already had in God and some paper and a pencil and just started letting myself go. Unwritten words that hurt me. I wrote what made me feel good. I write stories to escape my emotional state and current life status. I can’t tell you where to start. Maybe you need to sing, draw, dance, pray, write, scream, or do something creative to let out what’s inside. Maybe you just need to visualize it all as a monster and in your mind draw a cage around it. The one thing I can say for sure is you can’t fight alone. Don’t stop reaching out and make sure you seek out a support group. Everyone needs someone in their life! We are not meant to be alone. Wherever you decide to start facing your jabberwocky make sure you bring on board a strong team to have your back! Doctors, family, friends, church members, club members, whoever you trust and as many as you can find. Create your team and don’t be afraid to call on them.


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