The Lies That Bind

What’s Inside

I stumbled onto a few questions this week on Twitter which gave me pause. I got to thinking about what makes us who we are. The views we have are formed by what we soak up inside us. If we are filling ourselves with this world instead of God’s word then we are binding ourselves to blindness. Those lies cripple us as we try to move forward and share the love of God with others. You can’t love God and fill up your heart with the things of this world.

A question of the times:

If you knew everything you believed was based on a lie, would you change your beliefs?

What we have inside is reflected in how we live our lives. If you could see the lies floating through you that are reflected in how you live right now would you want to let go of those lies and embrace the truth? What lies are you hearing on repeat today? Maybe you hear a voice saying to you that you are unlovable, ugly, fat, dirty, stupid, broken beyond repair, unforgivable. Those are just a few of the things that this world would pour into you. The lie that God didn’t make us feeds these self-hates. For every truth of God, there is a lie Satan would feed you.

What if I told you letting go of those lies is real freedom? What can I say to make facing those lies less painful and less fearful? What will it take to change your beliefs? What does it take to change mine? I hear those lies too. I face what this world would force feed me every day and I need a victory over the lies that bind too. Just because I am Christian doesn’t make me less of a target for the lies of this world. The difference is when I fill up on God’s truth there is no room for those lies to bind me.

Fallen People

Even Christians are being trapped by lies. We sink because we take our eyes of Christ. This water we are walking on will destroy us if we don’t keep our eyes on him and trust in his power. We can’t stand if we trade off the word of God for the lies this world has waiting for us. We are a fallen people because we have lost our love of the truth. We are being taught that truth is something to fear. They say what is good is bad, but it isn’t. God didn’t tell us the truth to hurt us, he told us because he loves us. That truth that stings us also frees us. We are free to see our need for forgiveness and to give forgiveness.

What if no one was ever sorry?

What would happen if the bad things that hurt others never caused sorrow? What happens to us inside when we are so full of lies we justify our cruel ways? If evil actions didn’t register a sharp pain of regret inside us we would be so vile that nothing good, pure, or beautiful would be left. We look at the world and the trash problem and we are shocked at the picture of the damage pollution has brought on. Those pictures of death, destruction, and pollution ugliness is a reflection of our souls when feed on the lies Satan would sale us. We look like that when we don’t let God’s word rule our heart. The truth brings clean up and restoration to us. Do we really want to live in a world where all actions are equal and none bring regret? Toss that trash and pollute those waterways there is no sorrow to be had for the destruction of the earth or your soul. Lies, the lies that bind and blind.

My prayer for you today is that you wake up and find the heart longing to seek truth and let God clean up your heart.

Yours In Christ Jesus,

Deedra Mosley

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