We are the beast

Sometimes as Christians we are tempted to try to find Jesus in the things of this world.  We forget that Satan is not bound yet and this world is still in decay. 

Are you deceiving yourself? 

Over the last few years, I have heard many Christians say they look for Christ in the media forms they use for entertainment. I have a revelation for you.  He is not there.  

What do we find in secular media is not much different from what we find in our religious media.  It is human vanity.  We find stars,  not the kind in the sky,  and role models who are just as flawed as we are.  We find pleasant distraction from our daily struggles.  It is our escape from reality.  

What are we running from?  Who are we running to?  

We are running from our sin nature. The daily disappointment of our poor choices. We are desperate for hope for something better.  The problem is the who we are looking to for our hope. 

What’s up with the Bible? 

Sometimes we forget that we are not of this world. We take our eyes off Christ and focus on everything except him. Our Bible ends up covered with dust and we end up being smothered by the waves of this world. 

We hear arguments about the Bible and its authority. Even some Christians want to hide from parts of God’s word.  We see too clearly the effects of trying to find hope in the things of this world instead of God.  

What has happened is we have distanced our hearts from God!  There can be no doubt that God’s word is sound.  The fact our sinful hearts are troubled by it is proof enough.  If there was no validity in the Bible we wouldn’t be so quick to withdraw from it.  We withdraw from what threatens us and our very nature is sinful which makes God’s word hard to accept.  

The pitfalls of media worship. 

If we replace reading God’s word with looking for God in the media around us we sink.  Music,  movies,  books and social media isn’t a replacement for your Bible. You can’t find God if you keep looking in all the wrong places!  

The Bible was given to us to show us our need of salvation.  It explains our purpose and how we came to be in such a sinful state.  It also tells us we have real hope!  The promises of God are better than the temporary escape from our reality given by all forms of media!  Instead of avoiding the issues that are troubling our hearts God’s word helps us face them and endure!  

The faith of our fathers. 

You can’t build faith using media as a replacement for God’s word. Why is it that Christians of old seem so much stronger in faith than we who believe today?  Can it be they spent more time reading the Bible then we do?  Do you think if you searched the scripture as much as you search for entertainment it would change your faith?  Would it change your life?  

Even the best media can’t replace God’s word.  If you’re looking for hope and finding your faith failing look inside your Bible!  

Let God be the truth and every man a liar

The Bible is our truth and even when it’s hard to accept still we must cling to it. Remember media is no replacement for being in God’s word!  

We are the beast… Our sin nature has to be purged by the love of God.  You can’t find that love without putting God’s word into your heart.  The best telling of beauty and the beast is the one we don’t search out.  God’s beauty in contrast to our beastly sin nature. You can’t find that story outside of the Bible!  

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