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Here is a bit of information about the making of books. As a self-published author, I have become aware of how hard it can be to create the next best book. We do not think about the parts of books or the work it takes to make the literal magic happen. Today’s post is all about the nuts and bolts of publication. Let’s talk shop!


So you have a story written? Now, what do you do next? Let’s talk copyright first. You might have heard about the poor man’s copyright, it is when you mail yourself your work and keep it unopened put up. This is ok but not going to really hold up in court. You see there is a legal process which you must follow to actually document your work. Every country is different and since I am in the USA I will be using our services.
Copyright USA Office – This is where you register your work! Yes, this will cost you money. Is this really the first thing you do? No, you don’t have to do this first, but yes it is a good idea to do it right away. You can wait till your book is done then copyright the book. This requires two copies of the book to be sent in along with payment. You do not get your books back. If it is a manuscript only one copy is required and you do not get it back. Do not forget to save yourself a copy of your work! Your finished book can be added to the Library Of Congress. Everything you need to know about this process and copyrights are found the link I have here for you. Now time to talk about:
ISBN & Barcodes- Bowker is where you can buy your own and is the official spot to do so! You can also opt to use a free one from the publication platform you chose to utilize. I use Createspace to publish my works. I did use their provided free services this time. I have bought my ISBN before though. One key thing to note about the ISBN is that for every type of publication of your book a different number is required. So if you have softback, hardback, and an e-book you will need three ISBN, one for each of them. This is why many authors chose to use the free ones provided by the publishing firm they are using.
Writing a book is hard work! I find that it is very rewarding though and I am always pleased to have in my hands a book that is all my own.I have only scraped the surface of what goes into the making of a book here. Check out the links I have provided and remember, you need to write a good story before you can do the rest of these things! Blessed writings everyone!
Deedra Mosley

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