Something Wicked 


Today I have been battling a sinus issue and perhaps a cold. I have had one long week! I am hoping next week will be better. I really haven’t gotten much done this week as far as writing goes. 

After a battle to get my cell phone back installed with all my favorite apps I discovered that Facebook doesn’t share my professional page updates like it once did. Needless to say, that has frustrated me to no end! 

I am also disgruntled with humanity in general. So many horrible posts about what is going on in the world. If the posts aren’t bad enough, God help me, the comments! Oh, the horrific comments! 

I guess some people can’t see that they make themselves look like sheer vile devils with the cruelty of their own words. To call for the abuse and death of a young child is beyond terrible! I call it the pitchfork mentality. The latest article that got me was about a four-year-old who flushed a kitten down a toilet. People blasted off pitchforks in hand in the comment section calling for the crucifixion of that poor child. I can see calling for the parents to be held accountable for the child’s well being and the kittens too, but to spew words of vile evil towards a four-year-old

Is humanity even human anymore?

You can’t help but wonder if perhaps we have lost our essence of humanity along with our morals as well as good sense. Have we become dumb witless beasts? Perhaps it is so. 

I think back to my childhood and all the pains of growing up. There were many a hard lesson I learned over the years. I pray for the four-year-old child. I pray for the parents too. I pray for those who would crucify them for that one horrific moment in their lives without giving a thought to what they have lived and learned through. 

What kills me the most is the thought of how many of those same people crying for the blood of a four-year-old over a kitten that turns around and praises women who have abortions. When did we turn from teaching our children to be loving, compassionate, and caring to demonizing our children and killing our unborn babies? When did we become nonhuman? 

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