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Deedra Unleashed


   In our current day and time, we have so much information at our call. We often get bombarded by the things we are being informed of. At times we miss the opportunity to share good valuable information with others due to the amount of information we are already processing.

   I was asked to weight in on several issues these past few days. I am often aware of some of the reactions to the issues going on due to the posts on social media from my friends and family. The way they react catches my attention and brings a new light to the world issues around me.

   As an International Author and Artist, I am often at the ready to cry out “crucify me” and jump into the mix of social media outlets to express my views. There are times I have realized that it is better to avoid falling into the hype of the issue and just talk about what is relevant to my ministry.

   What’s a Christian to do?

   As Christians, we should try our best to set the focus on God. We must carefully weigh our positions on the hot topics of today and stand ready to give answers that are God-glorifying. I admit at times I fail to do just that. I think we all have had those non-glorious moments brought to us by our sin nature.

   You can get caught up in the anger and emotion of the topics and forget to stand ready to point others to the loving God who sent his son to die for us all. You are angry and sin finds a way to leak out of you.

   God’s word says for us to be angry and sin not. So how do we do just that? It is my believe that Abortion is the worst abomination we can commit. We murder an unborn child for no other reason, but to full fill our own desire to be shed of the person growing inside us. I am going to use Abortion as my example of how to be angry and sin, not today.

   So, we now know that I am against abortion. I hate abortion. It is a vile and cruel practice which murders a human in the womb. What know? I can be outraged and angry at this abominable practice, but I should never violently attack or physically abuse someone who has had, is going to have or will perform an abortion.

   When we are against something we should be ready to act in a way that shows others our stance against it without violence being used. You don’t win souls to God by being filled with hate. God is love. He has given us, his children, the command to love one another. You may have heard the saying “Hate the sin, Love the sinner.” This saying is not about condoning the sin. You never condone sin, but you do show love to the sinner.

   We can pray for those affected by the sin that angers us. We can even offer better alternatives to the sin. In this case, we can adopt or offer to adopt the children being killed. We can become outspoken about the issues we find horrific. We can set good examples for others to follow.

   What we can’t do is become instruments of hate. To become violent and harm another person while decrying the murder of unborn babies does not stop abortion. It shows that we have embraced the fundamental ideology behind abortion. Behind the idea of exterminating that unborn child is the thought that they have no value.

   The devaluing of human life has so impregnated our society that we can’t always see how it is playing out in our own actions. We are angry and we sin. We lose sight of Jesus and the example he has set down before us. We see red, but it is not the blood of Jesus. What we see is the red of flames. Those flames are born in the pits of Hell and developed into the evil that has seeped into our lives and via us our world.

  I want to make it very clear to you that posting comments saying someone should be killed, or die does not glorify God. Bombing abortion clinics and harming humans does not glorify God. Jumping a homosexual and beating them up does not glorify God. Verbally bashing a prostitute does not glorify God.

   The way we respond to the sins around us should glorify God. If we show his love and mercy then we will be able to be angry and sin not. If we call ourselves Christians then we need to seek ways to live the gospel in front of others. Yes, that even means the ones who participate in lifestyles and choices we disagree with and know to be wrong.

   I invite you to take a look at the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. Google it if you don’t have a Bible on hand or can’t recall where it is found. You might wonder why I am not giving you the scripture reference. It is because you have to want what it says and learn from it yourself. I can’t give you what I have. You must find knowledge for yourself. Seek God first.

Yours In Christ,

Deedra Mosley



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