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I have posted before about self-harming and covered a few points on the matter. Today I want to address the rest of my findings. These are my opinions on current day events and what is shaping our world. I am not a professional psychiatrist nor am I a doctor. I just want to add that this is from a pure writers point of view. As a member of the entertainment community and a consumer of the entertainment industries products, I want to give you my opinion on what we are seeing happen today in our world.

Print I Just thought I would let you all know I won NaNoWriMo for the first time. I’m not just playing hooky writing this article. Winking smile 

As you know from my previous post about self-harming I feel that we see forms of it across the board in our everyday life as well as in the entertainment industry. We covered many of the forms of self-harming that one doesn’t usually think of as being in the category of self-harming. We also covered the definition of self-harming. You can easily look up the definition for yourself and rationalize what actions, activities, and behaviors including addictions might be in fact self-harming.

In this post, I want to look at another angle of the new wave of self-harming promoting media industries goods. As an Indy Writer, I am often encouraged to look at all the books and movies as well as music that has been produced by other independent entertainment individuals for the purpose of evaluating how my work stands up next to theirs. I often have to do research and compare my current project against what is available in a comparative media form. As a parent, I am always prescreening the crap that is being put up on media sites we use to find ourselves something to entertain us as a family too. So I have spent some time now rejecting all sorts of media forms. Everything from simple “children’s” programming to more adult geared programming has crossed my path.

A while back I was condemning a currently popular book series which has had a movie and soundtrack created for it as well. It falls into the dystopia genre. It is often referred to as a romantic story by a few people I know. I must say there is nothing romantic about it. Readers get ready because here are my opinions.

First let me say that I have learned that the genre of romance is not applied to works based on the work actually meeting the defined word romance. It can actually be a disgusting perversion and a total vomitus waste of one’s time and be put into the romance genre. This is true of all other entertainment genres as well. One can no longer assume that the genre label is in any way endorsement of the content matching the actual desired ideals which we once had about certain topics.

To be fair many of even the trashiest books, songs, and movies do have actual plots and a story behind them. I am not saying that someone didn’t actually write out an idea board and seek to create something viable. Also, I am not attacking these available works based on my Christian standards. I have done my best to evaluate based on nonreligious ideas. So with this post, I am not trying to sell you, Jesus. I am just seeking to point out from a writers perspective some of the disturbing trends we can see if we actually take a look at what is being woven into our current entertainment industries.

I am doing my best to really stay impartial on what is really acceptable entertainment. I even went back and skimmed through some of the worst books, songs, movies, and yes video game reviews that had been reviewed by yours truly in the past for various reasons. One was the whole self-harming issue. Some documentaries were also revisited. I tried to look across the board at the entertainment I had rejected for my kids even. I have tried to set aside any religious objections and look for what these all have in common.

Yes, even the rejected children’s shows shared common ideals which could be seen in the most shocking documentary. We can see some basic similarities in what is being produced for the public’s entertainment. They can even be seen in the ever-popular click baited articles popping up everywhere. We can see them in the hashtags being used too. It is a double standard which has become our new modern theme song.


  We are creating monsters with media standards.


you see we tend to raise an outcry against certain behaviors when we see them on the news having been carried out in real life, yet if it is contained inside our current modern entertainment media we just can’t get enough of it. As a matter of fact, with our genre labels no longer actually reflecting the root word contained in them it leaves us with a whole new issue.

We are now seeing the re-defining of certain concepts within our society. When you make a point to create a book which you label in the romantic genre and taut as romantic but have the romance defined not as the loving act of enticing emotional response, but have it defined based on depravity and cruelty against one of your characters there is a price to pay.

As we watch the news and see more and more violent acts being done to innocent people we must face the fact that our entertainment industries do play a part in creating the standards which are now being lived out in the real world. We can’t deny that what we view for entertainment does affect us.

It is about ideals. We are horrified seeing a mother be attacked in her home, raped, and then murdered. Yet if we look at not just mainstream media, but the small productions and independent works, we can clearly see portrayals of that very thing happening. Let me be clear, I am not seeking to vilify the media industry or take away from the individual’s responsibility for their own actions.

We need to realize that having a double standard is not going to create the kind of world we want to live in. I want to challenge you to look at the news headlines both world news and your local news then go and look at the available entertainment. Look through your online subscriptions and see what you find. Did you notice anything? Here is something I want you to do too. Watch or read or listen to some of the stuff you would not normally even give the time of day. Ask yourself if what you are witnessing is redefining socially acceptable standards. Then go take a look at what you usually have as your main entertainment… look at it and hold the portrayal of standards against those from the media you normally wouldn’t even waste your time on.  Are you seeing common themes? Are you concerned about the things you are seeing?

I am really concerned about what is being made available and what I am seeing in the news. I can’t help but think that we have started a spiral downwards. We will not see anything good come of the current excepted media standards. When you live in a world that seeks to define romantic endeavors in ways that encourage abusive behaviors, vulgarities, gross acts of indecencies, and does so trying to make those things look desirable and acceptable…. You shouldn’t be shocked to read headlines that mirror entertainment industry content. It gives me hope to see so many outraged at the current horrific news stories. Now if we can just carry it over to being outraged at what is being labeled entertainment I would be very happy.

Is it enough to be horrified when it is a news report and jump on the bandwagon of hash tagging your responses while sharing click bait titled news reports about it?

I can’t help but think about what we see in our news industry too. With the current trend of race-baiting and political animosity grooming, it is no wonder we are seeing more of it in our entertainment industries productions. It is not healthy to feed hate and discrimination. So why are we doing it?

Now I want to address those who might say to me back up your just hating on non-Christian content. You are overly religiously sensitive. I am not saying you can’t have your secular media. I am just asking you to stop and think about the things being shown as good. I know very well I will never end rated R and up movies and I won’t be able to stop porn or the new unrated movies which try to pass themselves off as regular entertainment but are just glorified pornos. I am not even holding my breath to change one mind on the songs which are laced with profanity and violence towards others.  I hold no hope of even convincing one person that even without socially unacceptable themes the underlining Omni sexuality is not healthy for us. I just want to put out my opinion in hopes that you will think about it.

We live in a world where a male cartoon character gives birth to a child. A male cow cartoon character gives milk. Women can’t breastfeed in public without being shamed, yet you feel no shame in showing them as objects to be abused under the guise of romance. Children are being kidnapped at school functions, raped and murdered while we are protecting the legal murder of unborn babies. We need to realize that everything we do sends a message. If we do not take a hard look at what our current ideals are breading then the day may come when we wake up to a world we have lost the right to be horrified at.

We need to look at our double standards and make some changes. It is time to stop glorifying things that horrify us when it happens in real life. It isn’t that these media forms are without plot, or without thought, it is that they are being based on the wrong ideas for what is healthy for us as a society.


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