A Beautiful Pause


We finished four weeks of helping at camp. Looking back at it we are so glad we did help this year. We had a pause in our lives and routines, but it was a wonderful pause. It was hard being away from home and having to keep the bills paid while basically living at camp. I never realized how much planning it takes to leave home and be a part of outreach efforts.

I took this picture while I was between sessions. I have a new admiration for moths and butterflies.  They fly miles away from their birthplaces into the unknown without taking anything with them! When we packed for camp we took tons with us. I can’t imagine leaving home without even one item!

We’re spoiled to having so much that we can’t imagine having nothing at all.

I am glad of the reflection that helping at camp with outdoor education this year has given me. It makes me more grateful for what I have and for those who travel far from home to help with outreach efforts.

It was a beautiful pause.

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