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The hardest part of being a writer is actually the writing! I have times I feel very burned out with the whole process and just can’t force another word from my fingertips. I have abandoned several of my projects due to this hard wall of writers despair. My current work has become painful to even dream about. The wall has sucked the life out of my writing joys.

I decided to start back with my daily journals and so far the efforts have been well worth it. Just everyday writing as a break from the pressure of stellar writings has made a big difference in my life. My novel will get finished, but this little break has been paramount in my gaining the momentum to go forward with the huge undertaking of a multi-book series. Being able to just write and to not stay wrapped up in the faux world I am creating as I go has been a nice vacation for my mind.

Journaling has its advantages. You can explore different ideas or practices writing down detailed descriptions which you can later use to make your books more interesting. It can be practice for your basic writing skills or just a messy overview of your feelings about your daily life. Whatever you write is for just your eyes. No pressure to perform and no guidelines to follow. It is freeing and pure pleasure.

Being a writer is not glamorous. I find myself cross-eyed from looking at a screen all day and covered in ink as well as pencil dust from my handwriting sessions. I have worn more pencil shavings than I care to admit. Writing can actually hurt! No one tells you about the back pain and finger cramps you will get. It takes a physical and mental toll on you. That is why it requires breaks. Sometimes you just have to relax and let it go for a few days or weeks.

When you write life is still happening. I can’t tell you how many days I have spent doing dishes, washing laundry, and cooking between marathon writing sessions. It is like a revolving door the way I work and live keeps a circler motion going here in my home. You have to live and when you are a born writer you also have to write. The two are connected. Daily living helps you form more realistic worlds for your characters to live in. You must actually get outside your home from time to time and see the world. What you live will shape what you write.

Writer’s block… the wall you beat your brains out on.

When you hit the wall you must put down the pen and ink then get outside your faux world. It is when life itself carries you someplace beyond where just your imagination can take you.


Okay, life just messed me up. Thanks to my silly children the muse for this post has been preempted or possibly high jacked. Ugh. “It’s dead Jim!” Yup, it has left my brain! So you see living can be a doubled edged sword. Some days it helps you write and other days… like today, it kills the writing flow. It can reduce you to nothing more than a hot mess rambler.  Which is what I am now.

Good luck with your writing and may you find inspiration all around you!

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