Log Me Off Scotty!


So I have logged off from Facebook for a long while. I had felt really depressed and stressed out. I realized that all the news site posts and some of the status updates and even private messages were getting to me. When I broke down and cried over the drama I also logged off. It was freeing! It also forced people to actually look me in the eye and talk to me too! I’ve been so lonely and feeling so broken. Nothing can replace actually being together with people you know in the same room! Hugs are also small miracles!

Will I get on Facebook from time to time… Yes. Will I ever let it be my only direct contact with those around me again NO! No matter how far away we are from each other we still need to be more than just cyber pictures with status updates! I’m so much happier now!

I admit I was becoming tempted to just not leave my home. I had started hating going places. What a wonderful feeling being able to find out more about the world I live in first hand. I needed less Facebook and more face to face! With the right people, I might add 😉

So if you have had enough of feeling like you live in a faux world … Or are sick of being accessible to people who are not really interested in really being a part of your life off of social media then my suggestion for you is to log off! Log off, walk outside, maybe even go see someone who you care about! Get unplugged today!

I’ve been spending time watching the original Star Trek with my kids. It has replaced the status checks and Facebook calls and messages! More family time has been great! I’m still social just not in a cyber kind of way! Added bonus I’m on here writing more blog posts. Something that I could not do while logged in to social media!

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