Hello there Abel, My name is Cain…

I think we all have moments where someone drives us crazy. Sometimes we have unflattering thoughts towards them. Occasionally if they are super maddening we might even grumble to ourselves that we wish they would just die. We might not really mean it but we think it.
We live our lives the way we want and hate having interruptions to our happy norms. We are a lot like Cain. We do our own thing and when we see the Abels of the world prospering and being obedient we have the urge to seek and destroy!
Sometimes even the other Cains can make us feel that blood urge rising! We turn even on our own. We hate being called out or called on. We want our life corner booth and our happy meal with a dash of toy goodness joy!
I admit I have a few people I just don’t want to deal with. We all do if we are honest. I grumble and groan and sometimes cry too. They bring out the ugly in me. Truth is, I let them bring it out in me. I could do so much better.
I have a lot on my plate and the stress brings out my ugly inner monster. I am struggling to justify continuing teaching Sunday school. My daughter is about to bail on helping with children’s church. I’m all for her quitting. She really is not teacher material. I love teaching but to be honest, I’m burned out and disheartened. Maybe some of you have these feelings too. I know I’m not alone. I have a deep-seated hate for children’s church. There I said it! Why you might ask? Because the children can make it for children’s church but just can’t make my class! Why am I dedicated to teaching a non-dedicated class?
I have thought a lot about why I do anything I do as of late. Maybe it is time to let go of something I no longer believe in. I’m just not motivated to continue. Would I grumble less? Could this make it easier for my children? We have in the past talked about the role Sunday school plays in our lives. We actually hate going to it. Get very little from it. We enjoy ladies Bible study on Wednesday more when they stay on topic that is and don’t rush.
When we continue to participate in stuff that we find bringing out our inner ugly does it glorify God? No. It simply doesn’t glorify him. So either we can change our inner selves to deal with the undesirable at hand or we need to let go.
So do I think I will bail on those flighty little Sunday school no-shows? I doubt it. I might hang in there for it till I die. I believe in God and Sunday school so I foresee myself sitting alone waiting for the no-shows to maybe come to class. What about children’s church… Nope, we are bailing on it. It is time to drop it. My daughter is not called to teach and we actually don’t believe in having children not sit through church services. Just because our church wanted this program doesn’t mean we need to support it. I let her make her own choice on this matter. She feels uncomfortable with more than just the teaching aspects of children’s church.
Can good come out of Cain moments? Absolutely! We can learn and grow during them! God has a way of speaking to our hearts when we face our inner monster. He lets us know that he is greater still and working on us! As we strive to be Abel and let go of our inner Cain God is there providing strength!
Pray for my daughter as she learns to define her faith and share it. Pray for me as I struggle to obey in a way pleasing to God! Pray for the children who are no shows for Sunday school and who soon will have to learn the hard way to sit through a real church service!
I pray for each of you that you can make the hard transitions in your lives. That as you are tested and stretched to your limits you can find strength in Jesus Christ to endure!
God is able in our choices, our struggles, our personal interactions, in all things, God is more than able to see us through!

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