I don’t give two figs …

Well, today my news feed has been blown up with celebrity gossip. Looks like some famous peeps caused Elton John to get his knickers in a twist while in other news certain fashion peeps won’t make clothing for anyone over size 10.
Funny how so many people care about this stuff. I see insults, crazy photos and “boycotting” or unfriending every day! No one gets hot and publicizes any of it though. We are poor and no name nobodies. You won’t  find our dramatic rants going viral.
Makes you wonder why we give two figs and a rip about celebrities and their dramas…maybe our own real-life insanity isn’t as entertaining? Who knows? So while everyone is blowing up celebrity hashtags and retweeting like mad the latest fiasco I’m just over here like grumpy mom says no.
I guess the perks of being a nameless lowly no name is I can say things like I despise Elton John and hate Abercrombie! Don’t care what either thinks or their haters for that matter!
Ah, feels good to be opinionated and unchecked for it!
So if you are like me and free to be socially awkward 😉 and politically incorrect enjoy it! Some people can’t speak without being crucified or scrutinized! Enjoy what not being famous gives us!
And if you need drama… Forget celebrities… Take a peep at your friends and families dramatic posts and tweets! They might not be going viral (Thank God) but they are the ones that should matter most to you because they are apart of your story! They touch your life like a celebrity never will! Unless they are celebrities… Then why you wasting time reading my blog for? Tag me in your celebrities hashtagged up viral post already! I want a little five-minute fame!

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