I’m a trash writer and a lazy crafter

I love how my daughter is fast to declare me a sleeping momma! You better believe I collapse and nap! Those costumes and props don’t create themselves and the house cleaning faeries are dead. They went out with Shakespeare on a mid summer’s eve.
I have hit exhaustion like a speeding runaway car. I’m depressed, exhausted and in pain. I’m disgusted at my lack of abilities. So what do I do with my insomnia filled depression filled disabled agony? I take on some more to do items.
Can I really pull this off? I doubt it. I have a book to finish… All of them in the works are really just trash. I know one will not make me famous and most likely the art of writing is a waste of my effort and time, but yet I feel I must vomit words onto pages.
Crafting is not fun anymore. I hate it! I feel the pressure to recoup the cost which never happens and I just about hate even trying to relax and enjoy the art of creating. It has become all about the money. There is no money.
I did the numbers and I have realized I can’t afford to be an artist because starving costs too much!
I’m at my wit’s end and ready to throw in the towel here. I might just forget who I am and why I create art. I might give up.
If you are one of the few who knows me … Stop laughing it ain’t funny! For those who are not acquainted with me let me assure you I won’t give up! I just can’t! I’ve got too many words, too much yarn and am too sick of all that my body won’t do to stop now!
This is my blog cry. My bloody scream into cyber nothingness. Just another moment of exhausted frustration which I have unleashed here!
So I am going to pull myself together. Time to prioritize and regroup. Time to write trash and craft less than stellar items of art. To be insane and witty. Time to bury dreams and plant new ones on top of the old ones!
I’m a trashy nobody artist who can’t afford to starve, but I’m still an artist! I’ve accomplished that much!
So for all of you who dare to dream and have found yourself less than you wish… I pray you never give up! Never stop trying! Just live! Just be the artist within yourself!

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