Sometimes we find ourselves growing cold inside towards people in our lives. It can be hard to be loving when we have been either hurt or just annoyed by those around us.
I admit I often hide on Google Plus because on there no one really talks to me. I can just look at posts and scroll away my day there. So I guess I want non-social media at times.
The feelings of discontent and antisocial tendencies are not really unusual. I think most people feel the need to unplug from those around them at times yet there’s an allure to social media beyond just staying in touch with family and friends. There are fan sites and games to play.
It is good to escape for a while. You don’t have to always be on and there for those you know. If you don’t take time for you and rest your emotions you will burn out and start pushing away those you care about.
Take a break from busy media and do something different. Write letters, make phone calls and do mindless surfing on the web without answering a ton of texts or chats. Let go and write in your journal or start writing your book.
You can always come back online for a while and catch up on what you have missed. Life isn’t like Facebook. It can’t backtrack and let you live a moment again. So run away to a park and put your phone on silent for at least an hour. Breath in the air and take time to rest your busy mind. Just be. Exist.
Stepping away from those who are drama royalty is a must. If you want to keep them in your life then you will need to take a break from them from time to time. Too much drama can cause you to explode and spew hate on people who you really do love.


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