Blazing Winds

Some People are full of hot air. We all know at least one person who could talk the leg off a dead horse and then beat them with it. In life, you meet all kinds of people and some of them are very hard to love. Those who are full of hot air are by far the hardest ones. They tend to spend more time talking and less time listening. They are floating on self-importance and flying high on self-worth. It can be draining as well as depressing spending time with them.

I find that many times my self-view comes under attack from such people. It seems that the more important money is to the person who is full of hot air the less value they have for life itself. It can be tempting to put importance on money and devalue human life. We are all tempted to bow to the all-powerful dollar and worship what many believe makes the world go round. I found myself wanting to scream and shout that God makes the world go round not money and our lives should be lived for him, not the mighty dollar!

I have come to this understanding after much reflection. If a person has set their mind and formed their existence around money you can not change them. They are so blind that only a miracle from God could change them! You must focus on yourself instead and strengthen your own worldview by plunging into the Bible and clinging to God’s promises. You must define your worth by his grace and measure your value by his love. Nothing else will give you the strength to continue.

You must remember that you are worth more than a number value on paper. It is sad and somewhat disturbing to think that people walk through life feeling that the amount of money and possessions they have are their value. They can’t see that true self-worth comes from being someone who serves others and by doing so becomes greatly loved by others. Love is by far a greater thing to measure one’s self-worth by! Often we fall into a pit of black despair from the lack of financial success because we fail to see the truth about value. While we need to pay our bills just the act of doing so doesn’t mean we are loved. Money can not replace human affection and contact in our lives. Money can not make us have value. If you die with a million dollars to your name and die alone without one single human companion to mourn your passing then you are worthless. You see money or the lack of money doesn’t define who we are. Love of others and interaction with people in our lives define our worth!

I want to encourage you today to embrace your life. Measure your worth by the amount of love you have to give others and the amount of love they return to you. Resist being a number on a page and be the best part of what is written… be the story itself that is written on the page, not the page number!

May God bless you and bring you to a place where you can stand strong knowing you are worth more than gold!     

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