Summer Life

We have been enjoying our summer so far. The weather has been wild and we have seen high winds and even hail at times. The girls had a terrific time at camp and we are all looking forward to family camp the end of this week. It seems like summer is flying by and the days are short. Maybe because we have been so busy and I am tired of it all. I don’t know why sometimes days seem to move at top speed and other times they go so slowly you think they will never end.

Life is good here and the time we are spending together is golden! I wish every day could feel as wonderful as these past few have. I loved seeing my best friend Samantha this past week. I wish she could have spent more time with us. I miss playing cards with her! She has made it home to Texas and is back working now. I am hoping someday we can visit her!

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything. I have been doing promo work for my two published books. Kentucky Prose and Confessions are now out and I am working hard on Louise Green. My parenting book is getting a facelift. I ran into issues with how I present the Bible quotes. It is a long process of learning.

I will keep this post short and sweet but I promise I will be back in full force soon. I have not forgotten my Blog! I’m just side tract living! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! May God bless you!

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