In memory of Momma Jan

Louise Green Series Dedication and Forward

God has blessed me over the years with so many people who have loved and supported me. One of those people was Jannice Hinkle. She found out about a computer class and not only told me about it but signed me up and drove me to it!

She is one of the few friends of mom’s I have tons of memories of. The key ones in my mind are her, Sharon Little and AnnaLou Wright. There are tons more special to mom and me but those three have the most memories engraved on my heart.
Every child should be so blessed as to have that kind of love!

This book is the first in a series of three. I dedicate this series to Momma Jan because had she not taken the opportunity to drag me to that class I wouldn’t have the skills needed to be a writer. She is written on my heart forever. The last lesson I learned from her is to never leave anything unfinished.

I am the woman I am today because God blessed me with wonderful women who helped me on my way.

In Loving Memory of Momma Jan.
Who could never be forgotten!

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