Beautiful Ashes

Beautiful ashes
Martha Goodrum
There is a place before a golden throne where beautiful ashes the wind doth blow.
These blown ashes cause our sorrow to grow.
For we are here broken and blind unable to see; God’s everlasting love for all humanity.
This divine love sets us free; hiding us in Christ as we faithfully believe.
These beautiful ashes we become; ashes of those once broken now set free by Christ’s love.
Born by love now preserved for all time; this is the promise from on high.
Beautiful ashes we who believe shall be; by the love of our savior finally set free.
We shall not weep, we shall not mourn for with our God we live evermore.
One by one we blow away to gather once more on the appointed day.
Voices raised in a glorious new song; so let us now keep our faith strong.
It won’t be long till we are all before God’s throne.
Beautiful ashes into new bodies conformed.

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