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Why the lies we believe damn us to hell.

     It was a while back that I did a research paper on popular mental manipulations. Two of the most common ones are horoscopes and tarot card readings.
     My Scripture I used in my paper was :
2 Thessalonians 2:7-12. Below is the link to it online. I use the KJV Bible when I read and quote Scripture.

    First off I want to explain what mental manipulation is. Let us study each word separately.  Mental is defined as of or pertaining to the mind and manipulation is defined as skillful or artful management. Keeping those definitions in mind let’s now define mental manipulation. It is the skillful or artful management of the mind.
    Now many people will probably be upset with my post here about tarot cards and horoscopes being nothing more than mental manipulations. In fact I will even hazard their wrath and call them lies. So why am I posting about this? Simple I believe that we should never let anyone or anything manipulate our minds. God’s holy Scripture never manipulates us so why should we let human words do so?
   We need to know the truth about lies and how they effect us. Many people live their lives according to lies that manipulate them. Some might say that tarot cards and horoscopes are harmless fun, but their is nothing fun about being deceived.
    Where is the harm?
We are going to examine horoscopes because they are the most widely known and used forms of mental manipulation. I am a cancer so let me just peep at my horoscope. It can be found in a news paper or online easily. I will do a simple search and post below what I find.

There’s a great wind under your wings today, Cancer, and you may find the day’s energy quite transforming. You now have the opportunity to make great strides in whatever you wish to accomplish. It may be time for you to make an important change in your current attitude. Embrace differences in perspective and opinion. Varied opinions can help you understand a situation.
Quoted  from link below.

  Now look at the first sentence above. What does this really tell us? The answer is nothing. There is not one specific thing pointed to in this sentence. It is written to capture the readers interest and to be interpreted by their minds in any way they wish. This allows the person applying this sentence to believe it as true regardless of what really happens to them. Tarot cards work the same way. With new modern technologies and a small amount of investment tarot card users can add just enough common knowledge about you to make you think they are really trust worthy.  Enter the lies and manipulation.
  How about sentence two. Does it tell us specifically what we are working towards? No because it is yet again built around the artful manipulation of our thoughts. You can now see a pattern building in this horoscope and I hope your eyes are seeing it for the lie it is.
  I promised to show you the harm in believing this lie. Time to look at the last line. Varied opinions simply means that instead of looking for the correct answer to what you face you look for many different personal views and pick the one that pleases you best. Here is an example of a situation where this is unacceptable to do. Say you just found out you have cancer the day you read this. In your mind you want to believe you will be fine and do not wish to have any medical treatment. You have read the above horoscope and here is how you apply it to yourself.
   You say I can survive this illness. I will over come without the treatment my doctor has said I need. You consult several people who normally you wouldn’t take advice from due to their radical feelings against health care. You chose to ignore the cancer and just do a few herbal remedies to promote over all health. You feel everyone has helped you understand your health better and do not return to your doctor.  Now was that a good thing? No but now let us take another view of the same situation.
   You read the above horoscope and knowing you are over due for a pelvic screening you call your doctor. They schedule it for three weeks away. You talk with all your friends and family and several say that is too long to wait. You call them back they have a cancelation and you get in that day. They find cancer and you get treatment. Did the horoscope tell you about the cancer? No and if you look at everything else that you did during that time period it could just as easily be about any of your daily life.  It is still just a lie. Should we base our lives on it? Why should we live being manipulated by vague words?
  What would happen if you gave God’s holy word the same faith you give Satan’s lies? Let me leave you with this… mental manipulation is being used on you every day. Why do you think it is seeping into our lives and what is the effect it is having on your lifestyle right now?

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