Book review Of Hidden in Vein

Crash Landing: Fall into your inner carnie (Hidden in Vein) (Volume 1)

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Hidden in Vein

Hidden in Vein is a book, written by co-writers/friends Cassie Vick and Savvy McFarland.

Solana is a troubled girl with a mother dearest to contend with! From the floating land of Oralee to earth her journey into freedom paves a path of learning and adventure. You will find yourself laughing and crying at the journey she takes to find out who she really is!

The cast of lovable characters that crosses her path is woven with pure genius! Terrian was left at the altar as Solana broke free from her mother’s plans for her life. Fait brings them together on a path to adventure. With high flying peril and a dose of cotton candy fun join Solana as she discovers what is hidden in vein!

My favorite part is one which has changed my view of cat naps forever! Be ready to stay up late and giggle as you see a young woman find that life is better outside the walls of your room! This is the first book in a series which is sure to become a favorite of many a young lady! My daughters are enthralled with the first book, and so am I!

My daughters and I were privileged to have read this book pre-publication.

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