Grit and Crawl

Sometimes life throws us fastballs. We hit bottom and wonder where next?
Have you ever found yourself lacking in stamina to just keep going?
My mam used to tell us to get some grit in our crawl. Buck it up and get going! We sometimes need help getting motivated to finish what we start.
I think we need human contact but at times we need validation more. That makes social media so seductive. It keeps us coming back to see a thumbs up or a reposting of our status.
Digital media has become our mistress and we cheat on real-life friendships and interactions with her. We don’t feel the same in a small gathering where perhaps our thoughts do not illicit validation in visual form. We might speak but are left wondering if anyone agreed or if they even listened.
Online we see those seductive thumbs on Facebook and feel that self-gratification of being heard and respected. It pushes us to keep posting and keep looking at posts. Seduces us to sit up late and just look.
Now if we had no way to respond at all to posts would we all log in? Maybe some but be honest we wouldn’t enjoy social media near as much. We crave the vindication of reply and expression of approval!
Does social media exploit these hidden desires? Absolutely! That is what makes us want what they are selling us!
In today’s social-driven media it is harder to do face to face interaction. We tend to be more social online than off. We need to get grit in our crawl to have more face to face time and less Facebook time!
This week let me issue you a challenge. Log off social media and check into a get-together face to face! 🙂
Instead of chatting in cyberspace let’s talk in real a life!

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